Coffee machines for capsules and pads – the most expensive one fails the test

Stiftung Warentest has tested coffee machines for capsules and pads. Two systems beat Nespresso. Ironically, the most expensive device was defective.

When it comes to coffee made from capsules and pods, opinions differ. The capsules produce a lot of waste, and the coffee is quite expensive. But coffee making is easy and even those who drink little have always fresh coffee there. The more environmentally friendly option for fans of small portions are coffee pods. Stiftung Warentest has tested 13 machines for both variants.

Since the taste is subjective and depends on the choice of capsules and pads, the product testers concentrated on the technical capabilities of the machines. Do you succeed in the crema, is the temperature of the drinks right and is everything easy to use? Two capsule systems even beat market leader Nespresso.

Test winner from Cremesso and K-fee

If you want to buy a new device, you shouldn’t pay too much on the price of the machine. That is no indication of the quality, writes the Stiftung Warentest . One of the two test winners in the current comparison costs the K-fee One, only 54 euros. It creates a very fine-pored crema, brews lungo very well and is also suitable for tea. The quality rating is “good” (1.9).

The Cremesso Viva Elegante capsule machine is right at the topfor 115 euros. Just like the K-fee, it is a particularly fast variety, impresses with its brewing results and also prepares tea . The proprietary capsule brand is significantly cheaper than Nespresso capsules at 25 cents per cup (around 40 cents per cup). Both test winning devices also allow capsules from third-party suppliers.

Lack of security in the most expensive device

The worst test result was achieved by the most expensive device in the comparison: the Flytek Zip Lux pad machine costs an impressive 380 euros and delivers the hottest espresso of all test candidates. In doing so, however, it becomes so hot at the outlet that there is a risk of burns, warentest complains. Because of this security problem, it sets a “Poor”. In addition, critical amounts of lead were released after descaling.

The only device in the test that swallows both capsules and pads is the Beanarella Nori V4 (79 euros). But the all-rounder takes a little longer to prepare and the lever is stiff. Your own capsules cost around 35 cents per cup and are compostable.

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