Which foods are safe to eat even though they have expired

In the freezer: 3 months
In the refrigerator: one week 

On average, around eleven million tons of food end up in the garbage every year in Germany. Much food is thrown away even though it is still edible. The best-before date and a lack of knowledge are not to blame for this.

What does the best before date mean?

Until the best before date (best before date) is reached, a product should normally be in top condition – i.e. keep its full taste or not become mushy. Of course, this requires proper storage and intact packaging. Above all, long-lasting foods such as rice, pasta or tea can still remain edible well beyond their best-before date without hesitation.

When is it better to throw away food?

When the use-by date has been reached – customers can recognize it by the imprint “to use by”.

With which goods do you need to be particularly careful?

Fresh poultry or minced meat should not be used after the use-by date. If you discover significant changes in color, consistency, smell or taste, it is better to dispose of the products.

Is Food Waste a Big Problem?

An estimated 89 million tonnes of food are wasted in Europe every year, according to a paper by the Dutch and Swedish governments. The EU Commission is even talking about 100 million tonnes – this corresponds to a third of food for human consumption. Not all food waste ends up in the private garbage can – some products do not even reach the consumer because they are damaged during transport or because leftovers are left on the buffet at events.

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